When will my coffee arrive?

Ground orders:

Ground shipping service can be as fast as overnight, or take up to 6 days in transit. This depends mostly on your location. Our headquarters is located in Berkeley, California. Packages to Sacramento are often delivered overnight, but rural locations in the Eastern US can take quite a while longer.
Additionally, shortages of drivers or inclement weather can add delays. The best policy is to allow extra time for your coffee to arrive.
Your coffee is roasted the day it is shipped, and sealed in oxygen-barriers bags, so will remain fresh until arrival even in the longest delivery scenarios.

Faster shipping options:

1 Day and 2 Day shipping options are available and have delivery timelines as advertised. Again, we live in an unpredictable world, and delays have been known to occur, although only quite rarely.


Who do I reach out to if I have questions about my order?

If you have questions about your order, it’s delivery timeline, cost, or anything else, you should contact support@bellwethercoffee.com. Our team will get right back to you and, if needed, coordinate the work of the internal teams at Bellwether to resolve your concern.


How do I find out the status of my order? 

You will receive an order confirmation email when you’ve successfully placed an order. Orders that are placed before 4pm Pacific Time should be roasted and shipped within 48 business hours. Orders that are received after 4pm Friday will be roasted and shipped by Wednesday. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a UPS email with tracking information included.

If you have any further questions about where in the process your order is, please contact support@bellwethercoffee.com


How is the coffee packaged?

All coffee orders are packaged in five-pound heat-sealable bags with a simple label declaring which coffee is inside and at which roast level. A roast date will also be on the bag. These bags are placed in cardboard boxes. We love it when people order in multiples of 25 pounds – that’s our favorite box to use!  


Can I pick my roasted coffee up?

You can. Customers that are local to us here in the Bay Area can specify order pickup as their shipping option during checkout, and then come to our HQ and have their coffee handed to them.
We request that you give us 48 business hours to roast and pack your coffee. You will receive a notification when your order is ready for pick up. If you are operating on very tight timelines, you can contact support@bellwethercoffee.com to see if your order is available any sooner.

The address for pickup is:
708 Virginia Street
Berkeley CA 94704

Consider having the coffee shipped – it is free, easy, and more carbon-friendly to give your coffee a ride in a delivery truck that was already coming to your neighborhood than it is to drive a vehicle just for your box(es).